Empower Your Employees

Are You Empowering Your Employees?

Today’s employees have the highest level of education to ever enter the workforce. Are you evolving your working environment to capitalize on these higher levels of knowledge and talent? If not then you are missing out on the single greatest competitive advantage that you have.

When you consider the education and demands of employees today (the desire to be an individual, share ideas and be heard), it’s clear that most employees want autonomy to make their own decisions and the authority to take action where improvement or change is necessary. The influences of these desires are actually placing more pressure on front line leaders.

This dynamic will continue.

We need to shift from an environment in which we direct and manage employees to one in which we empower employees to apply their knowledge, skills and abilities. In this brief video I outline the value of empowering your employees, and the steps necessary to shift from a leadership culture to a culture of empowerment.

In this video I discuss how to empower your employees for higher levels of productivity and profits.

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