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The CEOs Power Play

Are You Paying Attention?

In this week’s episode I discuss a study conducted by Microsoft that in essence demonstrates the continuing degradation technology is having on our attention span. If you are like many of the CEOs or Executives that I coach and advise, you are constantly inundated with emails, phone calls and text messages, all that serve a purpose of consuming our time through various distractions. These distractions only grow over time (hence the diminishing attention span) unless we take specific actions to improve our focus and in essence counteract the influence of the distractions.

What do we discuss? We’ll here are a few of the key points

  • Why our attention span is degrading and the impacts this has on our health and performance
  • Five ways in which you can counteract the influence of technology and increase your focus
  • The health and wellness benefits that result from focusing on improving our focus
  • What I’ve found are the simplest and most effective means to improve focus

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