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Building the Workforce of Tomorrow

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely realized that there are literally dozens of distinctions between the needs of the different generations in today’s workforce.

As Gen Z enter the workforce in the next decade, these distinctions will increase which poses the question of how to ensure your workforce is set for and supportive of your future business needs? To answer this question we must begin not by looking at the distinctions of each generation, but instead considering how to shape our workforce to support the needs of our customers in the coming decade.

In this weeks episode of the CEOs PowerPlay I discuss three critical questions you need to be asking your people in order to ensure your organization is sustained in the coming years.

Specifically I’ll discuss:

  • Why you should start by considering your customer
  • How to integrate feedback from employees to structure your workforce plan
  • Ideas to satisfy employees needs that will in turn satisfy your customer needs

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