Growing Sales with Colleen Francis and Shawn Casemore

Is Your Business Growth Attractive or Growth Repellent?

In this episode of Growth Inspired I had the privilege of interviewing Colleen Francis, a corporate Sales consultant and the author of Non-Stop Sales Boom (LINK). Colleen shares insights into why most CEOs and Executives are often unable to grow their business to the extent they believe is possible, and specifically what they need to do in order to “right the ship” and create a non-stop sales boom.

In addition we also discuss:

  • The power your employees have on growing sales
  • How and why you need to be ubiquitous in today’s crowded marketplace
  • How to capitalize on your top performers

Make sure you take a moment to listen in on this rare interview with one of North America’s foremost authorities on sales strategy and performance! For more ideas and inspiration on how to grow your business, check-out other episodes of Growth Inspired by clicking here.

For more from Colleen Fancis visit Order your copy of her latest book Nonstop Sales Boom to start achieving strong, steady results – every quarter, from every member of the team.

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