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The Reasons Why Leaders Aren’t Effective

A lot of companies and CEOs invest a lot of money into leadership training and development but aren’t seeing the return on investment. In other words, regardless of the money spent, leaders today are highly ineffective. Why is this? More importantly, what are strategies we can implement today that will make your leaders effective? Listen in to find out.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What skill trumps technical skills when you’re hiring for a leadership position
  • Why people with strong personalities don’t necessarily make the best leaders
  • The reasons why you must put decision making power into the hands of employees
  • The benefit of forming cross functional teams
  • How to make more educated and effective decisions in the organization

This is about improving employee engagement.  When your employees are empowered, they’re engaged and that’s when you see results. If you need more ideas employee empowerment grab a copy of my book here.

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