The CEOs Power Play

A Trilogy for Growth

Have you ever purchased something you were underwhelmed with? I recently purchased an iPhone and although I am impressed with the product and have always been a fan of Apple products, I was really underwhelmed at the process of obtaining the phone from the store. Why does this happen? Why is there a different experience between the experience of the product and the customer service experience. It’s because of a disconnect between different departments in the organization, namely marketing, sales and operations. In this episode I explain the trilogy for growth.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How the marketing department can create problems for sales and how sales can create problems for the operations department
  • The outcomes that stem from the lack of cooperation between this trilogy
  • 3 scenarios that would improve the collaboration between these three departments and the benefits of doing so
  • How to involve marketing, sales and operations in your business growth planning and why you would want to

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