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The Impact of Being Out of Touch

It strikes me that a lot of people in a leadership role can often become out of touch with the realities around them.
I meet dozens of highly driven and motivated people each and every week. Many of these people are at the helm of a highly successful business, yet when I spend time with them it becomes clear that despite their success and drive, they truly are out of touch with those around them, and often feeling isolated and even depressed as a result. Success in any business at any level is the result of being able to enjoy the rewards of your hard earned success. What’s the point after all if you can’t sit back to share and enjoy in your achievements with those around you?

How To Know If You’re Out Of Touch

In this podcast I share with you the very questions that will help you determine if you are out of touch, and more importantly some simple strategies to assist you in re-engaging, specifically:
  • Why you might be out of touch
  • The downfalls of being in an “out of touch” state of mind
  • How to re-ignite your passion and relationships
  • Methods to take action immediately

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