Episode 44: As A Leader, Are You Building A Community?

If you are trying to improve your employee culture, then your wasting your energy. In this brief podcast I discuss how to create a community that your employees will actually want to belong too.

Show Notes Episode 44: As A Leader, Are You Building A Community?

Welcome to Ideas with Impact – This is Episode 44

Would you agree that most people want to belong? Consider that people join associations, move to cities and even purchase cars in order to belong to a community that they feel comfortable associated with.

Doesn’t it make sense then that as a business owner and leader, you need to create a community that your employees (both existing and potential), want to belong too?

A community is defined as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. This is what we strive for in most organizations, yet our focus is on changing culture vs creating community.

As a leader there are several considerations relative to building your own community:

1. Find commonality – what are the common traits and needs of your employees? How can you nurture and bring these common traits for the forefront to create a stronger bond amidst team members?

2. Appeal to the masses – reflect on what makes your team “the team” to be a part of?

3. Provide challenges – forget team building, you need to provide challenges in order for build a stronger and more collaborative team.

4. Empower your team – quickly dispel those who don’t belong to the team in order to keep morale and energy high (for example: in Facebook users have the ability to quickly unfriend those that you are no longer interested in being connected too).

5. Nurture rather than manage – consider what employees need in order to make their lives easier, their tasks more effective? Invest your energy in providing these resources and tools to support improved productivity and morale.

So when you think of how you might improve the morale and productivity of your employees, think first about building a community reflecting on the five points above – your high performing community will trump the culture of even your most annoying competitor.

Thanks for listening – this has been another episode of Ideas with Impact – for show notes visit shawncasemore.com/44

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