Episode 45: Is Your Team Performing Or Simply Storming

If your team is not performing it will negatively impact your bottom line. Today I’ll share tips on how to help your team fulfill their responsibilities.

Show Notes — Is your team performing or simply storming?

When it comes to customers, your last impression is the only impression a customer has of your business, it’s products or services. With that said your products or services are truly only as good as those who produce or deliver them.

I recently signed up to have a local cable company install new internet, cable and telephone services. The offer was everything they promised, the pricing was on point, but the installation was horrible.

The installation tech rushed through the job, pausing only to talk to another tech who had pulled up in front of our house. Once he had departed I quickly found that he had left scraps of wire laying around; he had failed to connect our television to cable; and our internet didn’t work.

I chased him down only to find that he had chosen not to connect the television because he didn’t have a plug handy (but he more than willingly gave it to me), as well the internet connectivity was not his responsibility.

Everything had gone right until this single employee ruined the experience. Are your employees ruining your customers experience?

After calling to discuss my concerns, a very friendly attendant apologized profusely, provided free movie credits for sixty days, and checked back several times to ensure everything was functioning as it should.

Where one employee had ruined my experience, yet another worked diligently to satisfy my needs.

It takes a high performing team working in unison in order to ensure consistently positive customer experiences. To create this dynamic you can invest heavily in training and spend significant amounts of time to build the strength of the team, but if the dynamics of the team aren’t right, your money (and your business) are as good as gone.

From my work with clients from around the globe I’ve found that there are four ways to nurture a high performing team:

1. Let the team select their “unofficial” leaders

2. Make work status visual for all to see (what’s coming, how can I influence our impact on workload)

3. What tools, support, resources does your team need – fulfilling these is your responsibility

4. Deal with difficult employees and quickly – they bring down the team and hinder momentum.

It may see counter intuitive, but the more you empower and support teams and their members, the more responsibility they will take on themselves.

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