Episode 46: Do Your Employees Create Value?

sleeve_500How do you move customers from satisfied to ecstatic? In this podcast I identify the questions to help you determine if your team members are connecting with your customers to deliver a valuable experience.


Show Notes – Do Your Employees Create Value?

Welcome back to another episode of Ideas with Impact – Episode 46

Are your customers merely satisfied? If so, your business is in trouble!

Satisfied customers are unstable customers because in business today it’s necessary to create ecstatic customers – evangelists that are committed to your brand, your promise and your cause.

We need to consider how to move customers from merely satisfied to ecstatic and doing so is not as complex as you might think. In reality the difference between customers and ecstatic customers is in the perception of value your products and services provide to those customers and it’s your employees that decide whether customer value perceptions are met.

When Dave Carroll’s guitar was broken in 2009 while being incorrectly handled by United Airlines, the decision by several United employees to avoid dealing with the situation has lead to a public relations nightmare that United will likely never outlive.

Employees must understand what it is that customers value, and in turn must be willing to offer this value consistently, and without bias.

Additionally what customers value is communicated first to employees, who offer customer intelligence beyond what any survey could ever provide.

So how are you helping your employees connect with and deliver a valuable experience to your customers?

How are you collecting intelligence from your employees on what your customers value?

As a business owner or business leader the responsibility is yours to support your employees in creating consistent customer value.

This has been another episode of Ideas with Impact! I’m your host Shawn Casemore. For show notes visit shawncasemore.com/46.

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