Episode 51: Mind Over Matter – Success Is A State Of Mind

Today I share four techniques to train your mind to create a success mindset.

Show Notes — Mind over matter: Success is a state of mind

Welcome to another edition of Ideas with Impact – Episode 51 – Mind Over Matter

Success in anything results from being dedicated to its pursuit.

During a recent conference I attended Martin Seligman (a forefather of modern behavioral psychology as we know it) mentioned that his studies had found that resilience was more important to achieving success than talent or intelligence.

When I decided to write my first book, success initially seemed quite simple – create a collection of the ideas and practices that I have helped my clients incorporate into their businesses to reach higher levels of performance

Seemed simple enough, but then came the work

It took a few months to synthesize my ideas into the idea for a book

It took two months to write a book proposal amidst other priorities

It took another six months to find an agent who believed in the book

It then took another few months for the agent to become comfortable with the book proposal, sharing ideas for it’s improvement

It then took us another few months to find some publishers who were interested

It then took another month to reach agreement with McGraw Hill, following which it took another couple of months to finalize the contract

All this and I hadn’t even began to write the book!

As I worked through these stages I was also bombarded with plenty of “unsolicited” feedback, much of which was negative:

“Oh it took me three years to find an agent” or “I had my first book proposal turned down 15 times”

If I hadn’t been 110% committed to writing a book and overcoming the known and unknown obstacles along the way – then I likely never would have reach the point I have today.

How can you create a success mindset and consciously place mind over matter?

Here are four techniques that I help my coaching clients instill in their daily habits:

1. Be clear on your top priorities – limiting them to no more than 3 at a time

2. Invest time in working on at least one priority every day – you eat an elephant one bit at a time.

3. Track your progress – spend time at the end of each week assessing your progress. What did you get done, what did you miss, what new obstacles presented themselves – no where you stand relative to achieving your goals and it’s easier to keep the finish line in sight.

4. Celebrate small wins – whatever they are. That which gets rewarded gets repeated

If success is a mindset, then you have to consciously build that mindset – similar to building a muscle when you go to the gym.

What are your big three goals for this year?

For more information on having a success mindset you can grab a copy of my e-book Journey to Success.

This has been another edition of Ideas with Impact

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