Episode 52: How To Use Customer Feedback To Grow Your Business

sleeve_500In this podcast, I discuss how feedback from your customers can help you obtain the seeds for business growth.



Show Notes — How to use Customer Feedback to Grow Your Business

Are you attracting enough customers to your business?

This may seem like a silly question – of course you aren’t – you could always use more prospective customers – the real question is HOW to attract more customers and the answer isn’t as complex as you think it might be.

Now don’t go signing up for another Dale Carnegie course – what I want to suggest to you is that the real way to attract and keep more customers is through value

Welcome to Ideas with Impact – Episode 52 – How to use Customer Feedback to Grow Your Business.

During some recent work with a client I asked their customer service team how often they reached out to their customers (both existing and past) proactively to understand what it is/was that they liked about dealing with the company.

You could have heard a pin drop.

Why would I ask such a question? Well you see, its through customer feedback and intelligence that we find the real method to attract and keep customers.

Consider reaching out to ten of your existing customers and asking them the following questions:

1. Why did you first reach out to purchase our product or service?

2. Why have you continued to buy our product or service?

3. Who else do you purchase similar products or services from? What is it that they offer that we don’t?

4. What else could we do to make your experience more enjoyable or effective?

5. What would we need to do to make you a customer for life?

By soliciting customer feedback we obtain the seeds to business growth, and it’s this insight relative to what our customers value that should then shape your marketing materials, sales discussions and be the metric against which your entire customer experience is measured

So – what is it again that your customers value?
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