Episode 53: Leveraging Ideas For Impact


In today’s podcast I answer a frequent question – where do my ideas come from?



Show Notes — Ideas with Impact: Episode 53 – Leveraging Ideas for Impact?

Welcome to episode 53!

Many of the subscribers to this very podcast series often reach out to me and ask “Shawn, where do your Ideas with Impact come from?”

I’ve heard this question so many times I thought I would dedicate an episode to identifying where many of the ideas come from and more importantly why a single idea can have a tremendous impact on your business and personal growth.

First off, as a consultant, business coach and advisor I’m paid to bring new ideas to bare – hence I spend a considerable amount of time researching the latest best practices in business growth and improvement. Most recently for example I returned from spending time with a large Insurance company identifying how they reduced their time to process client claims. This visit allowed me the chance to share ideas with the President on what my clients have done previously to resolve their claim processing, as well as understand the variables that lead to their success.

Now before you turn this podcast off because you don’t own or operate an insurance company, here me out. It is often proven ideas in one industry that can lead to a breakthrough in another. I do work with insurance companies, but I find that some of the best practices transcend industries..

How do you think banks got the idea for a drive through?

It’s this point that I want to touch on in today’s podcast.

Within each idea there are variables to consider – what works well in one company or industry may not work as well in another. This said – it’s also by attempting to introduce new ideas that we can find more robust solutions that fit our needs.

Alexander Graham Bell failed over 250 times in his attempts to create what we know today as the telephone; Thomas Edison failed at creating the light bulb nearly 1000 times before finding success.

But with each new idea that they introduced to their failed model, they inched ever closer to their main objective.

You see it’s through ideas and the willingness to try new ideas, that we find greater success. My most successful clients are those that took the ideas we introduced while working together and in turn further improved upon the ideas.

If you have the willingness to try, then you only need one idea to have a significant impact.

So there you have it – how the title Ideas with Impact came to be.

What is the one idea that you will introduce today that will have a significant impact on your business or your life?

Thanks for listening – this has been Episode 53 of Ideas with Impact – for show notes visit shawncasemore.com/53

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