Episode 54: Are You Operating A Business Or Building A Legacy?

sleeve_500In this episode of Ideas with Impact I discuss how to identify which of these two approaches you’re focused on and how to transition to building a legacy.



 Show Notes — Are you operating a business or building your legacy?

Welcome to another edition of Ideas with Impact – Episode 54.

A friend and colleague of mine recently asked a great question… How will you make your business scalable? The question plagues me even today, not because I’m concerned about scaling up my business but because I want to build something that outlasts me, a legacy if you will.

What about you, are you creating a business or are you focused on building a legacy?

The former is a means to pay the bills and even reap some additional investment, however it’s the latter that leaves a mark on the long-term viability of your family, your community and society as a hole.

Think about it in this way.

When you are old and grey sitting in your rocking chair reflecting on your life’s accomplishments, will thoughts of the amount of money you made or that deal you closed come to mind, or will you revel in the future – thinking about what the business you built will some day become.

Which of these two visions do you find more inviting? More exciting?

In my work with entrepreneurs and business executives I’ve noticed there are clear distinctions between the former and later, specifically:

A legacy has staying power, through a strong brand it survives long after it’s originator has gone. Zig Ziglar’s son Tom continues to operate Ziglar Incorporated today as a highly profitable company, as his father built a legacy that can be carried on for generations.

A legacy is multifaceted. I’ve known several business owners who have a business and spend each day grinding just to pay the bills. Alternatively a client of mine has built a company that has multiple divisions across North America, distributing both branded and private label products. The business consists of real estate investments, inventory investments and service offerings. It offers much more than a pay check.

Lastly, and most importantly I’ve found that Legacy’s are built and operated by highly optimistic and enthusiastic people. Their visions are often much broader than most people can fathom – Richard Branson’s vision of space travel is an example that comes to mind…

Despite the boldness of these visionaries, the stretch themselves to continually grow and improve as individuals as their businesses grow. Their optimism and enthusiasm helps them build stronger relationships and in turn a stronger brand.

So returning to my original question, Are you running a business or building a legacy?

There is nothing wrong with either, but the later has staying power that will serve to support your family and community for generations to come.

This has been another edition of Ideas with Impact – for show notes visit shawncasemore.com/54.

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