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I periodically run executive breakfasts where the theme is in how to grow both business and personally. During one such event last week I had a colleague come in to address the group of nine CEO’s and President level officers to discuss how he had grown his company from a $5 million dollar a year family owned business, into a $100 million dollar a year multi-site operation. A considerable feat if you consider that he accomplished this in just under fifteen years.

There were some interesting takeaways from this session and I thought I would share my top three as I believe they are helpful ideas for all business owners and executives to consider.

Ingredients to a success frame of mind

1. The treadmill continues to speed up: Each and every year it requires more effort and action than the previous years in order to grow a business. This was likened to the idea of the treadmill being sped up each and every year. You will never reach a point where you can just hit the golf course and expect the business to grow itself.

2. Face to face still adds value: The gentlemen who spoke owes much of his business growth and ventures to networking, plain and simple. Although social media plays a role, he is a firm believer that you need to get out and meet people in order to form relationships and find business opportunities.

3. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable: Regardless of your level of success, the feeling of “it could all end in six months” never leaves. You have to become comfortable with this feeling and make a concerted effort to enjoy life and enjoy the freedom that entrepreneurship can offer.

There were some other very unique insights, however I will share them in an upcoming blog.

I’m curious, what is the single greatest lessen you have learned from owning or managing a company?

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