How to Pick the Right People to Support your Journey as an Entrepreneur

As Founder and CEO of Interchanges, Chris Patterson built his business from the ground up using enthusiasm, energy and tenacity. In this first ever interview, Chris shares his secrets for growing his business, what it takes as an entrepreneur, and how to pick the right people to support you on your journey.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Learn more about Chris and the Interchanges company
  • How Chris started Interchanges – a “rags to riches” story
  • The top elements that has grown Interchanges into what it is today
  • When Chris brought on his first employee
  • What Chris’ advice is to help others grow their business or start a new business
  • One thing Chris sees over and over again in businesses that is detrimental to the bottom line
  • The importance of culture

Got any follow-up questions or want to contact Chris? You can reach him at or on Facebook.

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