Dismantling and Growing a New Business

After successfully growing a company in a very short time frame, Damion found himself to be burnt out and tied to a business that offered little to serve his passions. Worse yet, Damion found that rather than build a business that was supported by a strong team, allowing him the ability to step away and pursue other interests, Damion had built a business in which all employees still relied on him for making decisions and taking action. With a proverbial noose around his neck, despite the success of the business, Damion made the difficult decision to slowly dismantle the business and start new.
In this episode of Growth Inspired you’ll learn more from Damion’s journey, including:
  • The reasons for dismantling a successful business
  • How to start fresh in building a new business incorporating your own lessons learned
  • Why building a strong team is the foundation of a successful and thriving business
  • How to ensure that the business can sustain and grow without your physical presence

You can connect with Damion on LinkedIn or visit Total Control Financial.

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