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Growth Inspired Podcast: Lisa Larter

Lisa Larter has literally done it all. She has built a successful thriving retail business to which she owes much of her success to the strong team she put into place.

After several years in the business Lisa made the decision to shift her business away from bricks and mortar and move to building and running a successful online business which she owns and operates today.

Lisa’s attributes the success of her online business to the very same fundamentals as her retail business; building a strong team (although this time virtually).

Learn from Lisa as she shares her journey of building and growing two very successful businesses, each very different in many ways. In addition Lisa will share her wisdom around how business owners and executives today need to become more in tune with new methods of marketing in order to capture the attention of today’s consumer.

In this insightful and fast paced interview, you’ll also discover:

  • The critical characteristics to becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • How to build your business from Pilot to Profit (the name of Lisa’s new book)
  • How gaining the attention of today’s consumer has evolved (and what to do about it)
  • Why and how you need to build a strong team in order to ensuring ongoing growth

Learn more about Lisa and how she markets her business at lisalarter.com, While you’re there grab a copy of Lisa’s book Pilot to Profit.

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