Why Focus Is The Greatest Contributor to Growth

Matt attributes much of his success as a business owner to one thing – focus.

After learning from years of trial and error, Matt decided to get serious about his business and focus on growth. His determination and perseverance eventually resulted in introducing a franchise model, one in which he could rapidly scale his business with minimal employees and overhead, while ensuring cash remained strong and he was able to remain focused on consistent growth.

Learn about Matt’s unique journey into the world of franchising, the lessons he learned along the way and the advice he has for those attempting to rapidly grow and scale a business today.

Specifically you’ll hear:

  • How focus was the key to Matt growing his business
  • The lessons he’s learned about finding a model that is scalable and cash positive
  • How to create a business model that can be franchised
  • How to come up with unique ideas to create a model that continuously thrives in an unpredictable economy
Learn more about Matt and his company School Spirit Vending. You can also connect with Matt on LinkedIn.

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