Why Magnetic Leaders Are Crucial to Growth

In this interview on Growth Inspired, the award winning author, consultant and speaker Roberta Matuson discusses the importance of having magnetic leaders in order to grow a business of any size. She shares best practices from her work with organizations such as Best Buy, General Motors and New Balance, along with the impact magnetic leaders can have on long-term growth and success for any organization.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Learn more about Roberta and her business
  • Why magnetic leaders are so key to business growth
  • What CEOs are missing in regards to attracting and retaining talent
  • Tips to become a magnetic leader
  • Thoughts on the “war” for talent

To learn more about Roberta or her books on Top Talent, visit www.matusonconsulting.com. You can connect with her at roberta@matusonconsulting.com or 617-608-3633. You can also send her a message on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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