Is it possible to be too passionate about customer service?

When it comes to growing a business, providing consistently high levels of customer service is often the single greatest contributor to driving both repeat and referral business. But what happens to customer service as a business scales? This is the question I explored in this week’s episode of Growth Inspired with Steven Riznyk, CEO of four separate companies. From his experiences as a business consultant, practicing lawyer and owner of four separate businesses, Steven has found that ensuring every customer feels like they are the only customer is the key to business growth.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why customer service is the single greatest differentiator to ensuring continuous business growth
  • The risks of depersonalization
  • The secret to ensuring every employee speaks with the voice of the CEO
  • Why giving customers a “taste” of high levels of customer service can provide rocket fuel for your growth

Steven has had significant success in achieving growth by ensuring that each and every customer feels like they are the only customer in his business. Helping you to educate and support your employees in building a unique and consistently valuable customer experience each and every time is what we specialize in. If you choose to sell products or services, then we can help. Email to get started.

To learn more about Steven’s efforts to support abused and abandoned animals visit these websites: or

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