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Is Retirement Still an Option?

First off, I’m not a financial planner so don’t construe these ideas as financial advice or counsel. What I wanted to do on this episode of the CEOs Power Play is share the ideas and practices that I have used and learned from various CEOs and Executives who have either retired or were preparing for retirement.

One thing I’ve noticed that they’ve all had in common is that the very idea of successful retirement has been a challenging and stressful event to consider. It’s not the idea of retiring that’s stressful per-say, but more so the idea of what they will do with their time when they retire, and how they will continue to fund a comfortable lifestyle once they’ve officially stopped working.

These questions are even more important when you consider the unpredictable fluctuations in the markets and the lack of reliability of most funds and 401Ks.

In this episode I share:

  • Why we need to think differently about what retirement realy is
  • Three questions that you can use to create a plan for successful retirement
  • Ways to ensure you have a financial buffer in your plan to support a very comfortable lifestyle

Preparing for what’s next is a skill that all effective CEOs and Executives possess. Unfortunately, when it comes to aligning teams around taking action on what’s next, most CEOs struggle to create engagement and speed amongst their teams. We help CEOs create strategies that deploy quickly, take hold and achieve results.

What are the steps you’ve taken to prepare for retirement or create sustained residual income? Send me a note to, I’d love to hear from you!

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