Episode 43: Are You Setting The Pace For Your Team


Are your team members all going in the same direction? Today I share ideas on setting the pace for your team to ensure increased productivity.


Show Notes: Welcome to Ideas with Impact! Episode 43.

In this episode we discuss pace setting for increased productivity.

Have you ever watched a Nascar race? If you have you will notice that every time there is a race start a pace car leads the pack– setting the pace to ensure all of the cars are heading the same direction, with the same momentum and speed.

Consider your team today, they are all different people with different skills, experience and ideas. Left to their own devices they will tend to venture off in different directions. What they need is for someone to set the pace – helping to send them in the right direction at the optimum speed.

As a high performing leader you need to set the pace and create the momentum you desire from individuals and the team as a whole

1. Create connection: Help employees connect their objectives and priorities with those of the business. If you want to grow the business, how will this help the employee? If you want to bring additional employees on board, how will this help the employee? Once you master creating connection you have the building blocks to setting the pace.

2. Participate in employee activities and discussions: Consider that leaving your employees to their own devices will result in a significant risk that they will invest that time in areas other than those you prefer they focus on. Time invested in interacting with employees in order to understand what they are working on providing them the support required to stay on track is time well spent.

3. Synchronization: Once everyone is connected with the business priorities, you must create synchronization, that is aligning the speed and direction of all employees, helping them to work collectively towards the same goal. No synchronization is like setting a series of fireworks off, some take off, some fizzle and others hit the ground.

Creating a team that is engaged and motivated to take action is a marathon, not a sprint – by incorporating these ideas you can set the pace to a more productive team

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