How Talent and Relevance Are Business Growth Differentiators

What are the key differentiators between a company that grows and one that dies? In this episode of Growth Inspired Lee Caraher shares her personal experiences in growing multiple companies, outlining what she believes are the three key areas to consider when trying to grow a company today.
As a CEO and author Lee offers insights that include why finding the best talent has been quickly replaced with becoming a place where great people want to work. She also shares some of her personal challenges on integrating younger generational staff into an older team. In addition you’ll hear:
  • Why being and staying relevant should be the CEOs top priority
  • How to predict a shift in your business and customers is coming and what to do about it
  • Why staying ahead of your clients and customers is crucial
  • What CEOs and business owners should be doing today in order to they are prepared for a greater influx of millennials into their business.

To learn more about Lee Caraher and her firm visit, and You can also connect with Lee on twitter @LeeCaraher

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