The CEOs Power Play

Are You Thinking Like an Entrepreneur?

Most of the CEOs I meet have rarely evolved into their role by first being an entrepreneur. That’s not to say they haven’t worked hard to achieve their role, but truth be told, there are a few things a CEO could learn and adopt from an entrepreneur that would be beneficial. Don’t worry, I’m not coming down on CEOs, as there are of course pros and cons to both development paths, however there are a few entrepreneurial characteristics that, if known and applied, can help a CEO be more effective and build a more effective team. Join me in this week’s CEO PowerPlay, where I discuss three of these critical characteristics.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • The three entrepreneurial characteristics that can help CEOs be more effective and have more effective teams
  • How and why these entrepreneurial characteristics can help
  • What tends to happen when CEOs and executives don’t have these entrepreneurial characteristics.

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