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We’ve been designing and delivering customized training programs both in-person and online on topics related to Business Growth, Leadership Development, Team Empowerment and Personal Development for nearly a decade. Unlike many of the “fly by night” training companies that exist today, we take a customized approach to each and every one of our clients to ensure that the desired objectives are achieved through our I.A.F. (Introduction, Application and Follow up) approach.

Our Approach

We apply a four-stage approach to achieving a demonstrated improvement in performance.

We understand the development needs through a comprehensive assessment of existing performance contrasted against the improvement objectives.

It is through identifying this gap that we identify and customize an approach that will achieve a step change in performance.

How Do We Do This


Interaction and engagement during the training is key. Shawn connects with audiences at all levels of the organization which ensures maximum engagement and interaction during the session.


A simple training manual is not enough to provide the necessary support for ongoing growth and knowledge retention. The training is often accompanied by one-on-one virtual interactions to drive home key messages and provide the support necessary to remove obstacles and increase motivation.


The objective of the trainings is to see demonstrated improvements in performance. The training is followed by a robust assessment and interviews with participants to ensure results are being delivered.

“I have engaged Shawn to speak on several occasions. He repeatedly achieves excellent feedback from his audience which is why we bring him back again and again.”

Steve Johnston • CIPMM President July 22, 2016