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Posted: August 18, 2014

It may seem counter intuitive, however I’ve found through my studies of the worlds most empowered leaders, that taking a back seat to leading others actually increases employee engagement and builds a stronger team.

Empowered leaders spend time observing employees and engaging in dialogue that is not prescriptive. They then draw upon the ideas, knowledge and energy of their team to build stronger team synchronicity and to maximize productivity.

Although this may seem like a backwards approach to leading others, Empowered leaders achieve this by being more involved in and understanding the perceptions and challenges of employees, engaging employees in identifying and pursuing ideas and opportunities that will overcome challenges and create new opportunities.

[Tweet “Empowered leaders begin by following their team, understanding the landscape from the employees perspective, and empowering them to take action for improvement.”]

In this brief video I discuss exactly how taking a back seat will lead to better solutions, while maximizing employee empowerment. Take a moment to view the video and then consider the questions below.

Questions: Are you taking a backseat to observe, engage with and empower your employees?

What steps can you take now that will help you engage with employees to better understand their challenges, and the opportunities they recommend?

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