Periodically I deliver live virtual events, sharing best practices that will help you accelerate your sales. Below is a list of upcoming events you and your team can join. These are designed to provide you with actionable strategies you can put into practice immediately.

In my opinion Shawn more than delivered on our expectations and gave many of our delegates a lot to think about as it pertains to improving the performance of their business with and through their employees.”

Scott Geffros, Assistant General Manager, CWPCA

How to Build Your Unstoppable Sales Machine

Tuesday July 20th at 11:00am EST.

The pandemic has changed everything about how we sell. From capturing the attention of prospects, to conversion and creating long-term evangelistic customers.

Join me in this exclusive interactive virtual discussion. I’ll be sharing insights from recent client work on how companies have been introducing their very own unstoppable sales machine. I’ll also be sharing “what’s working now” strategies to generate new sales, re-engage your sales team and eliminate the unpredictability in your sales revenue.

Presentation Overview:

1. The four keys to an unstoppable sales machine.
2. How to close the sale before you even show up.
3. Stop selling and empower your prospect to buy.
4. How interruptions leverage value and increase speed.

This is an exclusive presentation. There will be over a dozen individuals attending from non-competing companies, all of whom are CEO, COO or President level officers.

Register Here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAqf-qupjguEtyl0n7joGiQY2f6XB3CrWpF

Join me for 45 minutes to learn the specific strategies to accelerate your sales and dominate the competition!