60-70% of organizational strategies
fail to achieve the desired outcomes.

If business growth is a result of having a high performing operation
then this book is “Mission-Critical” to long-term success.

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AA380B1F-CC15-47B5-837F-94EB2C709669This practical guide from an experienced leader in Operational Management fuses traditional operational tactics with the popular growing field of employee empowerment. The author’s unique, integrated approach has proven to be the best method for surviving in the toughest of markets—and beating the competition at their own game. More than any other management guide, Operational Empowerment shows forward-thinking leaders how to:

  • Build a continuous improvement community that works for everyone
  • Transform your culture and drive innovation from within
  • Repeat and sustain peak performance and productivity
  • Tap into the greatest resource you will ever have: your people


Order 10 or more books and Shawn will provide you with a complimentary one-on-one coaching call. Use this as an opportunity to discuss how to quickly integrate the practices from the book into your team or organization. Email shawn@casemoreandco.com a copy of your receipt and we’ll book the call!

Business Testimonials for Coaching

"Yes, organizations need strong leaders, but you can't stop there. Each and every employee should be given the power to make the operation the best it can be. OPERATIONAL EMPOWERMENT will be your guide to charging up the power of your people."

Daniel H. Pink • Author of DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMAN May 20, 2016

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Shawn Casemore

As a professional speaker and author, Shawn invests significant time studying top performing organizations from around the world, speaking and interacting with CEOs, Presidents and business leaders to understand how they have grown their organization and created compelling employee-customer connections.

Shawn has spoken for Fortune 500 companies such as CN Rail, Tim Hortons and Pepsi Co, however the majority of his time is invested interacting with and speaking to some of the fastest growing and dynamic mid-market companies from across North America including Bellwyck Packaging, Gerson and Gerson and Saje Natural Wellness.

In a short period of time Shawn’s worked with dozens of fortune 500 companies such as CN Rail, Tim Horton’s, and Pepsi Co, however invests the majority of his time working with some of the fastest growing and dynamic mid-market companies including Bellwyck Packaging, Gerson and Gerson Incorporated, and Saje Natural Wellness. Shawn’s also worked with franchises such as Winmar Corporation and various associations that include Electricity Distributors Association and Chartered Professional Accountants.

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