Shawn is an expert in accelerating sales results and one of the top sales speakers. As a sales keynote speaker and a motivational business speaker, he inspires companies, their executives, leaders, and teams to achieve breakthrough performance.

As a motivational sales speaker, his presentations include real-world examples and stories that inspire and mobilize participants to new levels of innovation and growth.

Shawn also consults with some of the most recognizable organizations and brands. He helps his clients develop strategies that accelerate growth and increase sales.

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As a sales keynote speaker, each presentation Shawn delivers is custom designed to have the greatest impact in the shortest possible time.

As a motivational business speaker, Shawn’s style has been described as both dynamic and engaging. Every presentation is designed to provide his audience with distinct strategies and takeaways they can rapidly apply when back in their workplace.

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Selling in a Down Economy

To say we’re facing unprecedented times would be an understatement. Supply chain delays, staffing shortages, and rising costs are leading many companies to pull back and slow their sales efforts. Rather than pulling back, top-performing companies accelerate their sales efforts, using new strategies to connect and convert buyers and capture market share.

Build Your Unstoppable Sales Machine

Is your team struggling to sell in today’s economy? Finding it difficult to reach and connect with distracted buyers? Is your sales revenue unpredictable? Selling has changed, and you must change with it. There are fundamental necessary to drive sales in today’s economy. Based on my latest book, The Unstoppable Sales Machine, we’ll discuss how sales professionals, sales leaders, and their teams can equip themselves to not only survive but thrive.

Now Is the Best Time to Raise Your Prices

Sales professionals selling complex products and services often fall apart when attempting to close the sale. Facing objections, questions, and pushback throws them off their game, forcing many to resort to discounting. This approach may result in closing a sale, but it will also diminish profit margins, reduce commissions, and create unrealistic expectations for buyers. Instead, raise prices, remain firm and create your alternative to a negotiated agreement!

Build Your Unstoppable Mindset

Uncertainty, distractions, and interruptions can often throw even the most grounded business professionals off their game. High-performing business leaders, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs have mastered something that others haven’t: they capitalize on their superpower and adopt behaviours that ensure their ongoing success. These behaviors help them build a mindset that is impenetrable, and literally unstoppable.

Empower Your Customer to Buy

Today’s customers are overwhelmed with information, most of which is influenced by online algorithms that only serve up what each customer desires. The result is a customer who is highly demanding, impatient, and unwilling to compromise, or so it might appear. To retain today’s customers and maximize new selling opportunities we need to shift our focus to empowering our customers to buy.

Trusted Advisor: Build a Selling Culture

The fastest and easiest opportunity to sell more is through your existing customers. Unfortunately, even with a strong sales team, if you don’t have a selling culture, you won’t capitalize on reselling and upselling your existing customer base. In fact, if you haven’t built a selling culture, you’ll lose more customers than you gain.

Happy Customers: How to Build a Customer-Centric Culture

A simple tap of a button is all it takes for today’s customers to make or break a business. The influence of social media, our insatiable appetite to share our experiences, and an expectation of being treated as “unique” have all driven the need for a customer-centric culture. The ultimate customer experience is one that results in long-term customers who become brand ambassadors.

Negotiate Success: A Better Way to Negotiate

Negotiations are something every business professional encounters in their role, from sales to finance. We’ve been told that when negotiating we need to focus on finding a middle ground. However, doing so results in neither party achieving what they really want. There is a better way to negotiate that results in more wins for you, all while building a stronger relationship with the other party.

Engaging your group with actionable strategies that create a catalyst for change.