Shawn’s Most Popular Talks

Each presentation Shawn delivers is custom-designed for his audience. His style is dynamic and engaging, providing his audience with distinct strategies and tangible takeaways that they can rapidly apply when back in their workplace.

Creating an Unstoppable Culture: Motivating a Multi-Generational Workforce

Never before have we been faced with such generational diversity in the workplace. With the number of millennials in North America joining the workplace surpassing both Generation X and Baby Boomers combined, we are poised for a distinct shift (or collision!) in how we interact, communicate, and work. Despite the challenges generational diversity creates within an organization, it also provides valuable insights into shifts in customer demand and loyalty. Creating an empowered culture is to create a force to be reckoned with when it comes to attracting customers and employees.
Key Takeaways:
• The most significant aspects of today’s multi-generational workforce
• Recognizing generational differences and understanding how to reduce diversity
• Other influences impacting our ability to communicate and collaborate effectively
• Strategies to improve both internal and external communications
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Become Unstoppable! Double Your Productivity and Increase Your Value

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with demands from your boss, employees, and customers, all while dealing with multiple competing priorities. Long-term success relies on one’s ability to do more in less time and remaining agile and level-headed. What if there was a way to double your productivity, get more done, and add greater value, all while having more free time? Sound impossible?

Fortunately, there is a means to achieving this level of performance, essentially making anyone literally unstoppable. In this talk we will outline the key attributes of high performance, and more importantly, how to integrate these attributes into one’s own life, working to create more balance and higher levels of performance. More specifically, we’ll discuss:
• The time killers that most of us don’t recognize (and how to avoid them)
• The secrets to doubling your productivity while increasing free time
• How to overcome the roadblocks and barriers that you will face in introducing these changes
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Building an Unstoppable Sales Team: Engage Your Secret Sales Force

Organizations that are Unstoppable recognize that every sale is influenced not just by the marketing or sales department, but by every employee who interacts with customers, both directly and indirectly. It’s for this reason that employees must be able to make a clear connection between their role and that of ensuring that customers are not only satisfied, but become raving fans ready to tell the world of their positive experiences. Sales growth is the result of a collaborative effort to find and attract new customers, while building raving fans.
Key Takeaways:
• Defining and engaging your secret sales force
• Creating compelling connections between employees and customer needs
• Capitalizing on the five keys to creating raving customers
• Creating a culture for Unstoppable! Sales Growth
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The Unstoppable Leader: Building a Self-Managed Team

It should come as no surprise that the majority of employees leave their organization not because of their pay or the working environment, but because of their boss. Today the role of a leader has changed, and failure to recognize the distinct needs of today’s employees will result in a mass exodus of top-performing employees. This is where a self-managed team takes flight. Unstoppable! leaders recognize the power that exists within their team, and effectively empower team members to enable them to become self-managed.
Key Takeaways:
• Distinctions of today’s employees: their needs, wants, and ideal working environment
• Why a self-managed team is the answer
• The four components of a self-managed team, and how to deploy them effectively
• Shifting from a “boss” to a facilitator of a self-managed team
• Sustaining team dynamics and performance over the long term
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Unstoppable Change: Rapid Adoption of Creativity in Teams

Adapting to change quickly was once possible for employees when that change was restricted to a few isolated events. Today, however, the pace of change has become ever faster, often resulting in overwhelmed employees and failed initiatives. Unstoppable organizations and their leaders have learned that adopting change effectively requires employees who understand and demonstrate their individual creativity.
Key Takeaways:
• The key changes most organizations fail to recognize
• Creating a compelling case for rapid adoption of creativity
• The three key methods to shift your team from reactive to creative
• Sustaining a creative edge in the face of adversity and challenge
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Shawn’s presentation on “Building A Secret Sales Force” was packed with powerful strategies and practices that our members found thought-provoking and applicable to their enterprises! He also ensured he spent time fully explaining various strategies and how they could be applied in each member’s business. I would highly recommend Shawn as a speaker for any TEC Chair seeking a strong speaker who can support members with fresh perspectives on driving business growth.

Joanne Sigurdson, TEC Chair September 4, 2019