I spent enough time during my corporate career sitting through boring presentations to recognize the challenge that exists in finding the right speaker. I’ve sat through dozens of training sessions and conferences and experienced a variety of speakers, some were good, but most were boring. I came to realize that the success of an event relies on a speaker that is able to achieve three things:

  • Bring insights and ideas that the audience can connect with
  • Present in a fashion that engages the audience
  • Provide the audience with pragmatic takeaways that will improve their world

I began speaking professionally in 2008 and since that time I’ve invested considerable time and effort to create compelling and valuable talks that engage audiences and create a catalyst for change. I’m truly passionate about speaking and my hope is that this page will provide you all of the information you need to make your next event a success.

What you can expect

  • Rapid response to your emails and telephone calls.
  • Direct one on one contact with me, not someone from my team.
  • A professional talk, built around your specific objectives to achieve the outcomes you desire.
  • I will announce and promote your event (if you desire) through my blog and social media channels
  • Custom videos, podcasts and any other resources I can provide to help you promote and prepare for your event, to engage your audience in advance of the session, ensuring a successful catalyst of change.
  • A follow-up after the session to ensure your objectives were met.

Most Popular Topics (although most of Shawn’s talks are customized for his audience, Shawn engages his audience on the following topics)

Be Unstoppable: What fast-growing organizations do that make them unstoppable

How is it possible in today’s hyper competitive global marketplace that an organization selling and operating in a highly competitive sector can be experiencing exponential growth, while their competition is literally dying a slow death? Despite what you might think, their success isn’t related to technology or automation, but rather how they are empowering their employees and engaging their customers.
Key Takeaways:
• The greatest challenges for organizations today.
• The five aspects of Customer Empowerment that support growth.
• How Unstoppable Organizations are outsmarting and outperforming their competition.
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Empowering Customers: Capitalizing on Connections to Maximize Customer Value

Every customer interacts with an organization through multiple channels, all of which are influenced either directly or indirectly by employees. The degree to which a customer perceives value in their interactions is determined solely by our employees. It is through these interactions that customers form their impressions as to whether the organization adds value, and the various forms within which they can receive that value. What this means is that every conversation that our employees, board members, and contractors have with our employees counts.
Key Takeaways:
• How today’s customers define value.
• The four touch points of value that employees can influence.
• How to improve customer value with every employee interaction.
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Unstoppable Sales Growth: Building and Sustaining Market Distinction

Unstoppable Organizations recognize that every sale is influenced not just by the marketing or sales department, but also by the employees who interact with customers, both directly and indirectly. It’s for this reason that leaders of Unstoppable Organizations ensure they connect every employee and their role with that of ensuring customers are not only satisfied, but raving fans ready to tell the world of their positive experiences. Sales growth is the result of a collaborative effort to find and attract new customers, while building raving fans.
Key Takeaways:
• The Five Keys to creating raving customers.
• Connecting employees with customer needs.
• Creating a culture of unstoppable sales growth.
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Creating an Empowered Culture: Motivating a multi-generational workforce

Never before have we been faced with such generational diversity in the workplace. With the number of Millennials in North America joining the workplace surpassing both Generation X and Baby Boomers combined, we are poised for a distinct shift (or collision!) in how we interact, communicate, and work. Despite the challenges that generational diversity creates within an organization, they also provide valuable insights into shifts in customer demand and loyalty. Creating an empowered culture is to create a force to be reckoned with when it comes to attracting customers and employees.
Key Takeaways:
• The most significant aspects of today’s multi-generational culture.
• Recognizing generational differences and understanding how to reduce diversity.
• Connecting generational differences with customer preferences.
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The Unstoppable Leader: Mentoring and Motivating to Increase Productivity and Morale

For decades it’s been known that the majority of employees leave their organization not because of pay or the environment, but because of their leader. A more effective approach to leadership, one that engages employees and satisfies their need to be empowered, is mentorship. Unstoppable leaders are mentors and confidants of their employees. Empowerment is the tool they use, to not only increase productivity but to exponentially improve employee morale.
Key Takeaways:
• The shifts in motivation that necessitate new leadership.
• The four components of mentorship and why they are necessary.
• How empowerment is the most effective tool for today’s leader.
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Unstoppable Innovation: Thriving in times of disruption and upheaval

As the global marketplace becomes increasingly difficult to navigate, an organizations ability to survive grows ever more challenging. The idea that technology, automation and the internet of things will evolve how we do business threatens even the most historic of organizations. Despite these challenges however, there are organizations and leaders who are thriving in today’s new economy. By strategically supporting employees to develop and introduce creativity as part of their culture, these organizations are gaining a significant competitive advantage on their competition. Disruption and upheaval no longer need to be feared, but rather accepted as a means to create unstoppable innovation.
Key Takeaways:
• How unstoppable organizations are thriving in times of disruption and upheaval
• The five components of unstoppable innovation
• How to engage your culture to accept and adopt a creative mindset.
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"Shawn more than delivered on our expectations and gave many of our delegates a lot to think about as it pertains to improving the performance of their business with and through their employees.”

Scott Geffros • Assistant General Manager, CWPCA July 22, 2016

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