Shawn is an expert in sales, customer experience and leadership. As a keynote and virtual speaker, he prepares companies, their leaders and teams for breakthrough growth and performance.

His presentations include real-world examples and stories. These serve to inspire and mobilize participants to new levels of innovation and growth.

Shawn also consults to some of the most recognizable organizations and brands. He helps his clients develop strategies that accelerate growth and elevate their customer experience.

Shawn’s Most Popular Talks

As a keynote speaker and virtual speaker, each presentation Shawn delivers is custom-designed for his audience.

His style is dynamic and engaging.

Most importantly, Shawn provides his audience with distinct strategies and tangible takeaways that they can rapidly apply when back in their workplace.

Learn More About Shawn

Unstoppable Selling

Connecting, Convincing and Closing in Today’s New Economy

Program description:

Finding, connecting with, and selling to today’s highly complex customers can be challenging. In this talk, I share proven strategies to get the attention of your ideal customers and steps to move them from prospects to customers in record time.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognize key differentiators to help you sell in today’s new economy
  • Identify key strategies to find, reach, and connect with today’s prospects
  • Understand the best methods to qualify your customers quickly
  • Improve conversion and retention of key customer accounts
  • Win with proven closing strategies for today’s marketplace

Customer Next

Empowering Customers to buy in today’s new economy.

Program description:

Providing every customer with a unique and personalized experience is key to customer retention. In this talk, we’ll explore strategies that have been proven to convert customers into evangelists in today’s new economy.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognize and adapt to future buying behaviours
  • Convert your customers to raving fans
  • Rethink how you engage and interact with your customers
  • Develop your own unique Customer Impact
  • Understand the social economy and how technology will impact customers

Breakthrough Leadership

Engaging Your Team to Achieve Extraordinary Performance

Program description:

The ability an organization must attract or retain top talent is directly related to the ability their leadership have to engage and empower their teams. In this session, you’ll get important insights into the expectations of today’s employees and learn to lead and achieve extraordinary individual and team performance.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand key distinctions surrounding the future workforce
  • Discover how to capture the attention and engage today’s employees
  • Learn proven steps to help employees adapt and manage change
  • Discover how to empower today’s workforce for higher performance
  • Capitalize on the three core strategies to retain top performers

Generation Next

Inspiring and Empowering Today’s New Workforce

Program description:

Finding and retaining talent is difficult in today’s highly competitive job market. But what will happen in the next five to ten years, as remote work, technology, and a new generation of employees transform the working environment? Top-performing organizations are finding new ways to plan and prepare for the workforce of tomorrow, ensuring their business is poised for explosive growth in the long term.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the four things that distinguish the workforce of tomorrow
  • Examine the role of HR in preparation for Generation Next
  • Increase resilience in employees while overcoming complacency
  • Master breakthrough leadership during times of uncertainty and upheaval
  • Think forward to reimagine our workforce of tomorrow

Be Unstoppable! Release Your Inner Super Strength

Strategies for Unleashing Your Hidden Talent and Unlocking Your Potential

Program description:

High-performing business leaders, athletes, and entrepreneurs have uncovered the one thing that most other people haven’t: their inner superpower. In this inspiring talk we discuss the proven strategies that high-performing individuals use to unleash their hidden talents and realize their biggest goals and ambitions. This talk is not for the weak of heart.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the power of goal-setting on personal performance
  • Unlock techniques to minimize distractions and allow for laser-like focus
  • Discover how to find and release inner strength at any time
  • Examine and expand your circle of influence
  • Explore your own motivations and use them as personal leverage

Engaging your group with actionable strategies that create a catalyst for change.