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Keynote Speaker, Sales Speaker, Advisor, Coach, Consultant

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When making a buy decision, today’s buyers only spend 17% of their time speaking with salespeople.

Shawn Casemore will equip your team with the right skills, knowledge, and expertise to sell in today’s economy.

Strategies for Unstoppable Sales

Strategies and methods to accelerate your sales results in the new economy.

Unleash Your Teams Performance

Develop your team to perform at higher levels. Improve their skills to prospect, convert and close sales faster.

Build a Customer Centric Sales Culture

Engage your entire organization in multiplying your selling opportunities.

Why Top Performing Companies Hire Shawn

Shawn Casemore is a favorite amongst meeting planners, event planners, sales executives, speakers’ bureaus, and business leaders because he is:

  • Insightful: His perspectives on sales provide new thinking on how to generate sales in today’s economy.
  • Event Centric: Each program Shawn delivers is customized for his audience, ensuring the themes and messages for each event are reinforced.
  • Action-oriented: Shawn provides strategies and methods that can be implemented by participants immediately, allowing them to gain immediate value from each event.
  • Responsive: Shawn and his team are immediately responsive to your needs, available to discuss your event when you have any questions or concerns.
  • Engaging: Shawn brings a style that engages his audience, motivating them to act and make shifts in their behavior and methods.

“Congratulations Shawn – your satisfaction score was one of the highest we received – an amazing 97%!”
Gwen Kennedy, Director of Speaker Manager, HRPA

“Shawn’s presentation set a very positive tone for the rest of our sales meeting”
James Goodman, Vice President Business Development, Enex Energy

“In my opinion, Shawn more than delivered on our expectations.”
Scott Geffros, General Manager, Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association

Meet Shawn Casemore

Shawn is a sales expert who inspires his audiences to new levels of sales performance, sharing insights and actionable takeaways that can be applied immediately. Having sold everything from memberships to brackets, cars to professional services, starting at the tender age of 11, Shawn consistently studies top performing sales professionals to remain at the forefront of what’s working to sell in today’s economy.

Shawn’s Expertise includes:

  • Sales Growth
  • Sales Leadership
  • Sales Culture
  • Success Mindset

Strategies to Sell in Today’s Economy

Whether you are new to sales, or a veteran, unlock the secrets and strategies top performers use to generate consistently higher sales. Learn new sales strategies and methods that work in today’s economy, and build a selling system that is predictable, and repeatable.