Generate More High Quality Leads
Convert Prospects Faster
Build Loyalty Among Your Customers

Sound like a dream come true?

For more then two decades I’ve been helping businesses of all sizes, from manufacturers to insurance companies; for profit and not-for-profit’s, to accelerate their sales growth.

I can help you and your team do the same.

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say:

“We have worked with several consultants, however, our team found that Shawn was the most engaging. His ability to help the leadership team collaborate and form a meaningful vision, mission and strategic objective was impressive to watch and exciting to be a part of.”

Chris Patterson, CEO


“Shawn’s services were instrumental in helping us to understand how to structure and support our business from a strategic perspective. His ability to help us formulate our strategy and develop a clear action plan to deliver on that strategy was instrumental to the successful launch of this division.”

Steve McKenna, President
McKenna Distribution

“Shawn worked with us to help align our team and our critical business processes. He interacted extremely well with our team, providing insight and perspective.”

David W. Kuhl
Kuhl Machine Shop Ltd.

“Shawn had the unique ability to quickly and decisively identify opportunities to improve efficiency while maximizing value to our customers.”

Sergio Restagno, (former) Vice President Enterprise Solutions

Canadian Bearings Ltd.

Let’s Take Your Sales to the Next Level

Step 1

We’ll have a quick call to discuss your specific sales objectives.
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Step 2

We’ll identify your short, medium and long-term sales objectives using our proprietary M.O.R.E. Sales System.

Step 3

We’ll provide you with a roadmap to achieve your goals in the next 90 days, including any support and guidance you need to put it into place.

Create Your Strategy for Growth

Identify the right strategy to accelerate your growth objectives without a lot of sleepless nights.

Develop Your Team

Develop and engage your team in your growth objectives. Increase their skills while building proven repeatable habits that will continually increase your sales.

Introduce Powerful Systems and Proven Measures

Optimize your sales systems, setting key performance indicators that track progress and drive behaviors.

Shawn is proud to have spoken for, and consulted with some of the worlds most recognizable and leading companies.

Let’s Identify the Right Strategies to Increase Your Sales by 10% or even 25%.

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