1-Day Sales VIP

Engage your team in a sales plan for growth.

Getting your sales, marketing and customer service teams aligned around sales targets can be a challenge.

We’ll work with you and your team to formulate a results-focused game plan to achieve or surpass your sales targets. All in one-day!

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Alignment, Excitement and Accountability

If you’re tired of missing sales targets, finger pointing and wasting time, then our 1-Day Sales VIP is for you.

Designed to help teams of all sizes align around achieving your sales targets, this is the fastest and easiest way to achieve and surpass your sales targets.

Our 1-Day Sales VIP Includes the Following:

  1. Individual discussions with select team members to uncover opportunities.
  2. Design of the day in collaboration with you and your team to ensure we nail your desired outcomes.
  3. Accountability and measurement are built into our process to ensure you can easily track progress.
  4. We break-down barriers and motivate your team to work as a cohesive unit, eliminating conflicts and perceived barriers.
  5. Your team will hit the ground running with a clear plan of action and responsibilities resulting from the day.

We can help your team move from where ever they are today, to being excited and motivated around pursuing and surpassing your sales targets!



We’ll engage your team, regardless of size, in formulating your plan.



No binders for the shelf. Actionable outcomes with ownership and measures.



We’ll get your team fired-up and excited about achieving your sales targets.



We build accountability and measurement into everything we do.

Our 1-Day Sales VIP is the best way to create alignment and action in support of your sales targets – all in record time.