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First off, thank you for stopping by to learn more about who I am. Connecting is something I enjoy, so once you’re done reading this make sure to send me a quick email at and let me know about you.

In a nutshell, I’m an entrepreneur, business owner, proud father, and fortunate husband with a passion for people. My passion is helping CEOs, executives, and business leaders empower their teams to achieve peak performance being a business consultant.

You might be wondering how this passion came about. Well, after leading teams since the age of twenty-three (which was a long time ago) ) I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to ensure that a team performs well.

My expertise and passion in this area didn’t just happen overnight. After a nearly twenty year corporate career in automotive, packaging, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and power generation, I have had various leadership roles from team leader all the way up to Assistant General Manager. I have led teams as small as three people to as large as ninety-five people in both union and non-union settings… Well, let’s just say I have an MBA in team development.

Throughout all of these experiences, I have learned exactly what it takes to build a strong and productive team that would consistently deliver results. Interestingly, it wasn’t just great leadership, it was through the introduction and effective integration of employee empowerment and autonomy.

Back in 2009, I knew that I could do more to spread the word about the proven formulas  that I’ve found work to support team empowerment. With little more than three months of living expenses in the bank, I quit my last job and launched what is today my speaking and business consulting practice… Did I mention my wife wasn’t working at the time and was pregnant with our second child?

Needless to say, I took a big risk, but I knew that to bring my experiences to the world would take a big leap of faith.

Today, as a business consultant, speaker, and author I invest significant time studying top performing organizations around the world, consulting with CEOs and Entrepreneurs on how to grow their organization by maximizing customer value and creating a compelling employee-customer connection.

I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies such as CN Rail, Tim Horton’s, and Pepsi Co; with some fast growing and dynamic mid-market companies including Bellwyck Packaging, Gerson and Gerson Incorporated, and Saje Natural Wellness, and with various franchise organizations such as Winmar Corporation. As the composition of teams are the same in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, I’ve also spent a considerable time working with several not-for-profit and charitable organizations that include the Electricity Distributors Association and Chartered Professional Accountants.

Much of my work with these fine organizations includes partnering with the CEO, President, COO or General Manager, helping them with all aspects related to improving organizational performance including:

Executive Development

Team Performance Strategies

Team Collaboration and Creativity

Customer Development and Retention

Recently, continuing my mission to spread the word about how to improve team performance, I published my first book with McGraw Hill entitled “Operational Empowerment: Collaborate, Innovate, and Engage to Beat the Competition.” You can view a free chapter or order your own copy by visiting

Despite a hectic travel schedule across North America, I enjoy spending time with my wife Julie and our two young boys in a small town of Chatsworth, just North of Toronto, Ontario. In my free time I enjoy cross-fit, golfing, and riding an assortment of fun, albeit dangerous, motorized vehicles.

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So enough about me.

Send me an email and tell me something about you?

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