Do You Have a Curriculum for Growth?

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Posted: July 7, 2015

I’ve mentioned in several previous posts that Customer Surveys are useless. When I mention this during talks to various groups what’s most interesting is that many agree with me, yet we are all enamored with sending surveys in hopes the information will somehow unlock the secret to building a stronger and more profitable business.

The approach I most often use (and you can use too) is to contact customers directly, and ask them a few pointed yet strategic questions to help you better understand how to position your products and services to spawn sustained business growth.

Before I share some questions that you can use, consider that your business may demand the questions be altered depending on whether you are selling products or services.

Specifically questions should address three key areas:

1. The answers will yield value to the business relative to future direction, investments and energy.

2. The questions are empowering to employees, allowing them the opportunity to interact with customers and learn directly as to what customers really want from them and from the company.

3. The outcomes from the customer interactions will provide an increased sense of understanding and support of customers.

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Question: How will you incorporate these questions into your customer interactions to unlock increased potential for growth of your business?

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