Do You Have a Productive Mindset?

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Posted: June 11, 2015

I spoke this past week to a group of fun and very enthusiastic meeting planners at #MPITEC. One of the topics we discussed was Avoiding Productivity Paralysis and what was interesting (at least to the participants not so much myself), was that productivity was more about having the right mindset (a productive mindset), then it was about having the right system.

Think about it.

[Tweet “How many times have you learned a new system to increase productivity that overtime it failed.”]

The question however is did it fail you, or did you fail it?

Consider these questions as they pertain to the reasons why you aren’t as productive as you could be:

1. You don’t have the time

2. You have too many priorities

3. Meetings consume your day

4. Other people influence your priorities

5. Your opinions don’t seem to matter

6. Other more “productive people” have an advantage

7. You just can’t turn your darn phone off!

These are all mindset limitations, not productivity limitations.

You will never be productive until you decide you want to be productive. It’s another take on the old saying “You Gotta Wanna.”

So which of these excuses (that’s what they are by the way), are you going to eliminate from your vocabulary?

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