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Posted: September 14, 2012

Whether leading, managing or simply working with others, we are all faced with a barrage of decisions from how to obtain feedback, to what the best approach might be to improve morale.

It is important however to make a distinction about decision making that is predominantly disregarded by most, that being decisions can only be made if we have options to consider. In other words, we should not be jumping to a conclusion and handing out decisions without first having considered the circumstances and the options that are present around resolution.

For example, if I have a conflict with an employee or co-worker, I should answer the following questions before jumping to a decision:

1. Why is this a problem? Is there a negative impact or outcome as a result of their actions?

2. Does the employee or co-worker recognize it is a problem, or are they oblivious to the outcomes of their actions or words?

3. What evidence do I have in which I can demonstrate this is a problem? It is important to provide evidence rather than simply a perception.

With information and evidence, I am better prepared to identify options, and only with clarity around options am I able to make a decision as to the best approach.

The next time you are faced with a decision, collect evidence to identify options before making the decision. As a result your decisions will be fact based, well thought out and result in more constructive outcomes.

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