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Posted: March 30, 2016

Stress, worry, anxiety, nervousness – all somewhat normal emotions that any busy and successful CEO or Executive will experience on a daily if not weekly basis. As much as these types of emotions tend to come with the territory, dealing with them is crucial, not only for strengthen mental health and self-esteem, but also for avoiding the debilitating effects such thoughts can have on moving the business forward.

The question that many CEOs struggle most the with is, how can I control these debilitating thoughts and get my mind right? If this is a question you struggle with, I would recommend a great book on the topic written by Carol Dweck titled “Mindset: How we can learn to fulfill our potential.”

There are also some things that I recommend the CEOs I advise include in their daily activities, namely:

  1. Start your day considering your goals. What are you striving to achieve that keeps you pressing forward? Don’t worry about setting boundaries and stop writing the same goals every day. Write what comes to mind; Write what invigorates you.
  1. Schedule time for reflection. It’s virtually impossible to reach your goals if you don’t take time to reflect on how your life will be improved if you pursue them. Take a few moments every day to reflect on your life, your successes and most importantly what you will do to make your goals a reality.
  1. Build on your successes. It’s easy to reflect on what didn’t go well, but what about everything that did? End every day considering what went well. What successes did you and your team have? Not sure, make sure you find time to ask this question.

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It may seem easier to just accept and attempt to manage the stress and anxiety that naturally comes with being a busy CEO or Executive, but getting your mind right isn’t just crucial to your well being, but crucial to the future success and stability of your business.

What are you waiting for? Go get your mind right.

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