Growing Your Business? Avoid These Mistakes.

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Posted: February 22, 2016

A growing business relies on a very simple formula, namely to offer something of value to both existing and new customers. The challenge is ensuring what you are offering is of value and remains of value over the long term. It’s this later point that trips up many of the CEOs and Executives I meet.

The only way to provide something that remains of value is to clearly understand where your customer’s business is going (or where they would like to see it go). This in turn provides you with the intelligence to design even more valuable products and services.

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During a recent client engagement I was asked to help the CEO and his executive team grow their business. My logical starting point was to speak with the key departments that interact with customers, namely Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. What I found was shocking.

In this brief video I outline my findings and more importantly share some proven practices that you can introduce into your growing business to ensure growth is a constant.

So which of these ideas are you employing in your business today? Which should you introduce today? What about next month?

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