How to Thrive During Times of Uncertainty

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Posted: April 2, 2020

When you think back throughout your life, you’ve likely faced uncertainty numerous times. Despite the anxiety and unknown, you were able to overcome and move forward. Today is no different. Here’s how to thrive during times of uncertainty.

Remember junior high?
When I think back to my junior high school years, for example, there is no memory more vivid than the year I entered junior high. Starting at a new school, with an entirely new crowd of people and new teachers. Wandering the halls of a school I wasn’t familiar with was nerve-racking.

For much of the summer leading up to junior high, I was anxious, worried, and nervous about what was about to take place, yet I could do nothing about it. Sure, others were going through the same experience, but my concern was more about how I would survive the experience.
Thrive in times of uncertainty

No options.

As the time grew closer and we reached the first day, I realized there were only a few things I could do, given the circumstances:

Focus my time and energy on those things I could control. Things like my attitude, my time, and how I spent my time.

Be friendly and helpful with the intention of forging new relationships while nurturing existing friendships.

Remain optimistic despite my environment. I was faced with two options: to be either optimistic about the circumstances, or pessimistic. I chose the former and put my remaining energy into disregarding the latter.

These strategies are still what I deploy when faced with times of uncertainty today. They are the strategies I’m employing today in our current economic climate.

Focus on the things you can control.

Be friendly and helpful to others.

Remain optimistic at all costs.


Because when I think back to my experiences in junior and then senior high, the strategies I employed above served me well. In fact, I’d suggest that those years in high school are some of the most memorable for me, next to the memories I’m creating today with my wife and boys.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we’re faced with uncertainty all the time. Sure, the severity and duration of the uncertainty might vary, and our current circumstances may be somewhat unprecedented, but the strategies to overcome and thrive need not change.

If you place your attention and energy on these three strategies, you’ll find strength, focus, and a desire to not only survive but thrive during these uncertain times.

You can do this.


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Thrive in times of uncertainty

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