How Would You Respond?

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Posted: November 25, 2011

I am often asked how to respond to employee concerns to avoid contention. Here are ten typical employee questions and the most appropriate responses:

1. My way.

Comment: “This is how we should solve that problem.”

Response: “That’s a great idea John, but let’s consider everyones responses before we decide on a solution.”

2. Wrong direction.

Comment: “We’ve tried that before, it doesn’t work.”

Response: “Tell me what specifically you tried and what the outcomes were. I am sure this will work, but we can likely learn from the shortfalls of previous attempts.”

3. Employee opinion.

Comment: “Sally doesn’t pull her weight.”

Response: “Can you give me some specific examples that might lead you to that conclusion?”

4. Overloaded.

Comment: “I have so much to do, I won’t get to that.”

Response: “Let’s have a look at some of the projects you are working on and re-prioritize them together.”

5. Quitting time.

Comment: “I don’t care what’s not done, at 4:00 I am out of here.”

Response: “I don’t blame you, it has been a long week. Let’s have a look at what you have remaining to be sure your time is focused on the priorities.”

Apply various forms of these responses for greater employee reception and improved morale.

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