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Posted: July 23, 2013

In business innovation is the outcome of a cultural mindset and commitment to action. The question becomes how can this mindset and commitment can be created?

During a recent client session we brainstormed ways in which innovation could be solidified within the culture. I wanted to share with you a few of the ideas that were presented.

1. Encourage Creative Thinking: Typically employees who have creative ideas are seen as “dreamers,” when in fact these employees are actually the very ingredients to an innovative culture. Finding ways to encourage employees to think creatively is the first step in promoting a culture of innovation.

2. Collect and Capture Ideas: The best ideas are often lost in the shuffle of organizational tasks and priorities. Finding a way to capture ideas for further consideration is another important means by which to build a culture of collaboration.

3. Less Talk, More Action: Innovation is snuffed when employees don’t see their ideas being acted upon. If you want to promote innovation it is important to find a way to take action on employee ideas and communicate progress. It is more important to take action of some kind then it is to continue talking about the validity of the idea.

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