Leadership Style Model: Where are you?

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Posted: March 8, 2012

I have identified several leadership styles during the last 20 years, and have synthesized these into 4 categories, outlined in the double axis chart below. Interestingly, any of these leadership styles can be effective, dependent on the organization and culture in which it is executed.

Over Collaborator (Highly effective, very little efficiency):

  • Highly people focused.
  • Always seeking consensus; unable to make decisions without buy-in.
  • Decisions are slow and change is inconsistent as a result of continuous changes in direction.

Country Club leader (Not very effective or efficient):

  • Fail to maintain a strategic direction for the team or organization.
  • Decisions are slow and actions to implement and manage change are non-existent.
  • Decisions which are made, are done so with little consideration of impact or input from other stakeholders.

Task focused (Highly efficient, however not very effective):

  • Execute changes quickly, with little consideration for impact or results.
  • Lacking in agility, unwilling to change direction of decisions.
  • Focused on accomplishing tasks, with little recognition for where efforts will provide the greatest results.

Change agent (highly efficient and effective):

  • Able to balance when achieving consensus is important in the decision making process.
  • Focused on a strategic direction however nimble enough to manage change as it impacts the direction.
  • Possess the traits of nimbleness and agility.

Try determining where you lie on this axis and compare your style with the culture and organizational structure within which you function. Are you possessing the most beneficial leadership style?

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