Prescriptive vs Adaptive Leadership

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Posted: August 1, 2014

As customer expectations increase, so to do the expectations of leaders. In today’s strategic, results focused and multi-generational workforce leaders need to be expansive and adaptive.

Despite this need, I find increasingly that there are predominantly two forms of leadership; those who tell employees what to do (and are frustrated with employees who do not appear to listen); and those that expect employees know what to do (and are frustrated with those who don’t take action on their own).

Truth be told, the most effective leaders are adaptive. They serve to empower their employees to do more and be more, while remaining agile in how they approach and engage with employees.

In this brief video I discuss the critical differences between an adaptive and a prescriptive leader. Take a moment to view and then consider the questions below.

Questions: Is your leadership style more prescriptive or adaptive?

What actions can you take now that will move you towards being a more adaptive and empowering leader?

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