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Posted: September 16, 2011

During a recent visit to a Jack Astor’s I noticed their customer greeting over the door “Sorry we’re OPEN.” Amusing, but for many businesses unfortunately a very true statement in the eye’s of their customers.

I have found that pleasurable customer experiences with conglomerates such as Bell, Rogers or Canada Post are rare. Interestingly these organizations were once, during their infancy, solely focused on customer satisfaction which was a contributing factor to their growth.

If you want to build a loyal and broad customer base and outperform larger and less humble organizations, apply these three simple rules:

1. Honesty: Be honest with customers as to your capabilities and service offerings as failures in meeting customer expectations can lead to disaster. Remember the Yugo? The compact car manufactured in Russia failed to meet customer expectations in  North America which ultimately lead to it’s demise.

2. C.C.C.I.: Continuously collect customer intelligence. Obtain frequent information from customers on new and existing challenges. Use this information to develop and trial new offerings to existing customers, applying item #1 in the process.

3. Create a feedback loop: Stay in touch with customers and obtain feedback on degrees of satisfaction and opportunities for improvement. I would never have practiced my spelling in public school if it hadn’t been for the low grades that I was unable to conceal from my mother.

Staying in tune with your customers will help to improve your business and build a loyal client following. Fortunately, as many organizations do not consistently apply these three rules, your doing so will place you ahead of the crowd.

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