What Are Realists?

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Posted: May 24, 2013

When working with clients in introducing and managing Change initiatives, I often stumble across people who are doubtful of the potential for success. You know who I am talking about…

  • “We’ve tried that before.”
  • “That won’t work here.”
  • “You don’t understand our culture/union/atmosphere.”
  • “Our business/culture/company is unique.”

I could go on.

But what I find amusing are those people who present all of the reasons for possible failure, suggesting their points of view are based on their being realists.

Realists are actually pessimists in disguise.

If you want to begin to overcome these objectives, your first step should be to ask for evidence to demonstrate their point of view. Opinions without evidence are just opinions and have no merit. Demonstrate this and you will quickly take the wind out of your opponents sails.

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