Successful Company Characteristics

Successful Companies

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Have you ever wondered what the most common characteristics are of highly profitable and sustainable organizations? I’ve found throughout my travels that companies which are highly successful, regardless of their industry or niche, possess very similar characteristics.

In this brief video I describe what I’ve found to be the top five characteristics of successful companies.


Of these five characteristics, I’ve found that following three are absolutely critical to long term business success and sustainability.

What’s the vision?

Relative to strategy, highly successful companies have a clear vision that is recognizable by both customers and employees.

How can we support the vision?

Highly successful companies have frequent and meaningful communications across all levels of the organization.

The best ideas are collaborative

I’ve found repeatedly that highly successful companies have working environments in which departments, suppliers, management and employees are collaborative and frank. There is no idea to outrageous to consider.

How does your company or department measure up?

Be sure to leave a comment relative to any other characteristics you feel are crucial to long-term business success.

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