Why Dealer Selling is Changing

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Posted: June 1, 2016

There seems to be a very old-school mentality when it comes to how you can use a network of people to sell your business in regards to dealer selling.

It seems there is this mentality that more is better: the more people, more organizations I have selling my product, the better.

That’s false.

[Tweet “Dealer selling is not a “volume over accuracy” type of approach.”]

What you want instead is to start off with a selective volume of retailers, dealers or reps who believe in your product or service and align with the approach and values of your organization, because they will provide the right focus and momentum to bring your product to market.

Intrigued and hungry for more information? Watch this Periscope broadcast to learn this plus a couple more strategies to get your product effectively to market with the right dealer selling systems.

You can listen below…

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