Lead Generation Tools: How to Find A Perfect Lead [in 2024!]

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Posted: October 12, 2020

Using Lead Generation Tools for Success

Are you using lead generation tools to search for that perfect lead?

You know the one. Your ideal customer.

They want to work with you.

Have an unlimited budget.

No objections.

Offer repeat business without all of the hassles.

Ahh.. Doesn’t that sound nice?

find that perfect lead

Well, they’re out there. Seriously, you can find that perfect lead over and over again.

But to do so you’ll first need to find the best tools to do the job (notice I didn’t say the “right tools”?)

Let me explain.

The Best Lead Generation Tools for the Job

I spent this past weekend helping a friend lay hardwood flooring in a home he purchased.

By Saturday afternoon, we were both so stiff and sore, even walking was a chore.

We initially dismissed this as a sign that we were too old to be doing this kind of work. However, when a contractor, clearly much older than we are, stopped by and provided some helpful tips, I realized our age was not the problem.

It was all in the tools we were using.

They were the right tools, but just not the best tools for the job.

For example:

We were cutting boards on the front porch—about 100 feet and 20 stair steps away from where the work was being done. We should have done the cutting in another room close to where we were working.

The nail gun we were using didn’t have wheels on the bottom, allowing you to slide it along as you nailed, rather than lift it (and trust me, with one hand, the nail guns are heavy).

We were overthinking how we were laying out the boards in order to avoid having seams in the same place. Since the boards were randomly cut, we should have simply picked them out of the boxes and laid them down.

In the end, the floor looked great.

But it took us literally twice as long to complete, and we had to work twice as hard to get to the same outcome.

Find That Perfect Lead Using the Best Lead Generation Tools

Had we used the best tools combined with a proven approach, we would have seen results much faster in the end.

When it comes to finding your ideal customer, speed is the name of the game.

Who has time to wait?

Sure, we thought we had all the tools we needed, and our approach seemed to make sense.

But in reality, there was a faster and much less painful approach to completing the job.

This is exactly what I find with many of my clients when it comes to how they attract new leads online.

They have tools, like a website.

They send an email to their “list” periodically.

Yet they aren’t collecting leads or business.

Never mind finding that perfect lead that will generate repeat and referral business over and over again.


Because they haven’t taken the time to determine what the best tools are for their ideal customer.

Not everyone wants an email.

Text messages insult the wrong demographic.

A website isn’t enough if your customers want to buy online.

You need to stop relying on what you think is the best way to collect and find that perfect lead online, and instead ask an expert what the proven approach is for your business.

It’s that simple.

Save time, save pain and agony, and learn from the decades of experience.



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find that perfect lead

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