Forensic Sales Audit.

Uncover Sales Opportunities You Didn’t Know Existed

You may have a sense that your sales can be higher, but you aren’t quite sure what the problem is. If this sounds familiar, then our Forensic Sales Audit might be right for you.

Using our proprietary sales audit checklist, we’ll review your sales methods, process, technology, and team skills, identifying the exact changes you need to make to achieve your sales objectives.

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Is a Sales Audit Right for You?

Our Forensic Sales Audit has helped our clients understand and establish process improvements to their sales strategies such as:

  • Develop a baseline for what sales should be.
  • Identify opportunities to sell more using existing people and methods.
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing technology, skills, and selling competence.
  • Determine what changes are necessary to accelerate sales results.
  • Understand whether hiring more salespeople is necessary.

Let us identify the gaps in your current sales process by doing a deep dive into four critical areas necessary to maximize your selling opportunities:

Creating intrigue and grabbing the attention of your ideal customer.

Quickly and effectively converting prospects to paying customers.

Capitalizing on “Crystal Opportunities” to increase sales value.

Collaborating with customers and stakeholders for new sales opportunities.


Forensic Sales Audit Phases


Our Forensic Unstoppable Sales Audit helps companies like yours identify their current performance in each of these four areas.

More importantly, we identify exactly what’s holding you back from achieving your sales objectives.

We contrast your performance against dozens of other companies like yours. This allows you the opportunity to benchmark and understand where your areas of weakness are, as well as where your greatest opportunities exist.

Unlike most sales audits, much of the process can be done remotely, minimizing the impact on your team and their ability to continue selling.


Forensic Unstoppable Sales Audit Steps:

  1. We start by reviewing the external facing areas of your business as compared to your competitors.
  2. Next, we interview key employees, and stakeholders to understand your existing process effectiveness.
  3. Then we analyze your sales, marketing, and customer service processes to identify opportunities for improvement.
  4. Following this we interview your key customer accounts to identify your unique Unstoppable Sales proposition.
  5. Lastly, we contrast the results of your assessment against our database to provide you a score.


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