Growth is not a fluke.

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Posted: December 7, 2011

December is a time for reflection and introspection. It is also the opportune time to prepare for business growth in the coming year. Here are a few areas to consider in preparing for an enthusiastic thrust into a New Year:

1. What new value are you able to provide customers and clients in the coming year based on experiences and services you have offered during the past year?

2. Where do the greatest untapped opportunities exist within your market place? Are there new clients you would like to meet; new associations with whom you would like to work; emerging trends or opportunities you would like to exploit?

3. How will you ensure that your time is increasingly focussed on value added business activities and less on non value added tasks during the coming year.

4. Are there customers or clients with whom you have not enjoyed working? Is it time to jettison these customers to provide room for the pursuit and expansion of business with new clients?

5. What vacations have you secured in your calendar for the coming year that are sacrosanct? You need time to recharge in order to achieve new goals.

Consider these questions as you prepare for the New Year. Growth does not happen by chance, but is a result of the continued execution of planned activities that challenge both our thoughts and capabilities.

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